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MANIFEST Ukrainian Innovation Movement of Lawyers (V.I.R.U.)

Today, Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
The government system is not interested in eradicating corruption, as it is the very base of its existence. It has led to drastic situation in the country, nationwide mistrust in the state government, as well as its separate institutions: police, courts and prosecution. People are feeling unprotected and hopeless. Most lawyers are viewed negatively by the society as those who make money on people’s miseries. To a large extent, lawyers as the most conscious and professionally educated citizens are held responsible for this.

We, the lawyers of the new generation, fully realizing our responsibility for the current crisis in the judicial system, are signing this manifest and uniting for sake of creating a new reality and eradicating “judicial” corruption in Ukraine.

We believe in our professionalism and experience. We believe in the possibility of successful work without the use of corruption ties and methods, as well as the creation of a new fair generation of lawyers.

We carry out our activities solely on the principles of the rule of law, legality, independence, democracy, justice, humanism and confidentiality.

The basis of our activities is the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine, by-laws, rules of professional ethics, which we must strictly adhere to.

We are for a professional and effective bar, which is the basis for the protection of human and citizens’ rights and freedoms on the territory of Ukraine. We are for the fair prosecutor’s office, which is the basis of the state law enforcement system. We are for an independent court, which is trusted by people and where you can always find the protection of your violated rights.

We can work on the basis of fair play.

Only by uniting will we be able to show the Ukrainian society and the whole world that in spite of the opposition of the state system, in Ukraine there are real attorneys and notaries, independent prosecutors and honest judges.

We are creating a truly independent professional legal environment and becoming the first frontier “echelon” of changes in the legal system of Ukraine and we will gradually overcome all manifestations of corruption.

This will restore public confidence in law enforcement agencies, courts, attorneys and enable citizens and businesses to feel secure. This will be a new public request for the professional growth of lawyers in Ukraine and will provide a decent place in the state legal system.

The lawyers of the new generation are the foundation of the Ukrainian state, therefore, we, by approving the respective goals and principles, are striving to create a true state of law.

We are calling on lawyers who share the goals and principles outlined in this document to join us and sign this manifest.

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