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About us

Dear colleague,

Ukrainian Innovative Movement of Lawyers (V.I.R.U.) invites you to join us.

Who we are

Having recognized our responsibility for the crisis in the legal system, we have united in this innovative lawyers’ movement (V.I.R.U.), as a division of justice, secured and free of corruption.

A key vision forV.I.R.U. is an alternative view of the corruption of the legal system as opposed to the existing public opinion. Our main task is to overcome corruption in the legal environment and ensure public confidence in lawyers.

Our activities are also aimed at drawing attention of the society to the problem of corruption and encouraging people to rethink their participation in it.

Every citizen of our country is to cultivate attitude of intolerance towards corruption and take part in eradication of this problem in order to develop  stable economy and to establish democratic society.

The level of corruption could be reduced effectively, however actions need to be taken! Only by realizing the weight of their rights, by respecting each other’s rights, by adhering to the laws, keeping to the rule of law, can the state and the society move on to the next level of their development. Thus we focus our activities on:

– Reducing the level of tolerance towards corruption in the society through massive anti-corruption measures;

– Providing the society with sufficient information about dangers of corruption for the society as a whole and for each individual citizen, as well as its negative consequences for the state;

– Introduction of the international and national experience in fighting the corruption, prevention measures and the main provisions in anti-corruption legislation;

– Increasing citizens’ anticorruption sense of justice;

– Formation of a proactive civic position among citizens in preventing and countering corruption.



Openness and publicity


  • Raise the level of legal protection of human and citizen's rights in Ukraine;
  • Restore public confidence in the legal profession;
  • Create an independent, professional, intellectual legal environment;
  • Unite people with the same values;
  • Overcome corruption as a terrible manifestation of a «sick» legal system;
  • Ensure the principle of «fair play» in jurisprudence and demonstrate the possibilities of truly honest activity for Ukrainian lawyers;
  • Raise the professional level of the legal profession;
  • Ensure the cooperation of lawyers at every level of the state.




Our goals and principles are presented in the Manifest of V.I.R.U.

Each lawyer, signing the Manifest, assumes responsibility to follow the principles and goals of the V.I.R.U. The lists of V.I.R.U. participants will be made public through the media (www ._______________, we will tell about them as honest representatives of the legal profession.) If necessary, we are ready to provide media support to our colleagues, especially judges and prosecutors, where the state carries out corruption pressure.

Violation of commitments by members of V.I.R.U. will be actively covered in the mass media so that citizens can cooperate exclusively with honest representatives of the legal community.

Our activity is public. Every citizen will be able to familiarize themselves with the participants of the movement and to provide information about the violated rights, their protection and restoration.


  1. Spreading the idea of VIRU and looking for like-minded people for fruitful cooperation.
  2. Signing by each participant of the Manifest movement and undertaking obligations to clear the legal sphere of Ukraine.
  3. Publication of lists of like-minded people and dissemination of information about members of the movement through the media: www.
  4. Cooperation with the media in support of the members of  V.I.R.U., who are under the state pressure.
  5. Collection of anti-corruption practices (from members of V.I.R.U.) and the development of ways to protect (counter) against corruption manifestations.
  6. In cases of fraud on the part of lawyers-members of V.I.R.U. – the formation of «black lists» of corrupt lawyers will be in order.
  7. Formation of alternative government institutions for investigation and conflict resolution, which will enjoy the public trust. Development of programs to enhance the legal culture. Development of draft laws. Support to any other initiatives of the community members to overcome corruption and increase the level of public confidence in lawyers.


– mass media;

– enterprises and corporations;

– public organizations and charitable foundations;

– territorial communities;

– educational institutions;

– any person who shares the values, principles and goals of the Movement.

Partnerships with the Movement are fixed in the relevant Memorandum.

The result of our activity is the creation of a new legal reality, where there is no place for corruption and where the society trusts lawyers.

We call on all lawyers who share the goals and principles set out in the Manifest to join us and come together to the creation of a new legal elite of Ukraine.

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